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12875 Ferguson Valley Road                      63 South Ridge Road

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Orchard Hills Storage Inc.
Climate humility controlled

Offering you a safe and reliable storage option!

Why work with Orchard Hill Storage?

We offer climate and humidity controlled storage.  Why stand out in the rain, snow or hot humid weather to access your unit?  Our facility offers an exceptional service for your personal items, collections, electronics and family heirlooms.  You will be provided with a  unique code for entry.  Motion activited lighting and video surveillance is 24/7.  The access to each facility is recorded.  In addition to your individual access code we can provide a code to each employee or member of your orginization if you want to track access to the unit.  We'll even give you one month of free rent if you pay for a year up front!

- Only climate controlled storage facility in the area

- 5x10

- 10x10

- 10x15

- 10x20 and more!

Serving your storage needs for over 2 decades!

We have the perfect storage for your important possessions. Our units are climate controlled and humidity controlled!


Call today about your climate controlled storage needs!