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Orchard Hills Storage Inc.
Self storage

Superior storage options

Take a look at the full array of storage options we have to offer you!

- 5x10: This is our smallest size and is comparable to a decent sized walk-in closet. You can fully outfit up to a small 1-bedroom apartment worth of stuff in this unit and, if necessary, can also hold a motorcycle.  

- 10x10: This sized a unit that is comparable to an average-sized bedroom. This is the unit you want if you have enough stuff to fill a large 1 or 2 bedroom apartment. This includes space for basic appliances like a refrigerator and a washer/dryer.

- 10x15: Think of this as the equivalent of a 1-car garage. This is a big enough unit for a vehicle

or small boat, appliances, and enough to fully deck out a 3 bedroom or 4 bedroom home.  

- 10x20

- 10x25

- 10x30: This is our largest unit and is just the ticket when you have a lot to store.

This can fit the furniture for a full-sized 4 or 5 bedroom home as well as appliances,

boxes, or a full-sized vehicle with other boxes and small items.  


Pay in full for 12 months up front and receive your 13th month FREE!

Over 2 decades          supporting all your storage      needs!

You can count on us for exceptional storage options

to meet every single one

of your storage needs!


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