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Orchard Hills Storage Inc.
Storage sizing and guiding

A myriad of storage options

We include multiple locker sizes such as:

You will find we have storage available for personal, residential, business, commercial,

and warehouse use. Whatever your needs are, we can find something that works for you!


Have extra vehicles? We even offer outside storage that is available for cars, trucks, boats,

motor homes, campers, and trailers. You can even make an appointment with us to

check out the storage grounds ahead of time!


Check out our moving tips guide PDF for more information!

- 5x10

- 10x10

- 10x15

- 10x20

- 10x25

- 10x30

- Check out our self storage locker page for more details on the sizes of the lockers!

Giving you the moving advice you can use!


Count on us for excellent storage options to meet

every single one of your storage needs!


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